butterfly clips

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I was so happy to find this website The ribbon retreat that tells you how to make these beautiful ribbons for your special girl.  They are so darling when worn, but Tiesa would not keep still for me to take a picture.  They are so simple as long as you have some cute ribbon,a  glue gun and some alligator clips.  TOO CUTE and SOOO FUN!


card making

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It was one of my best freinds bday and had to make a special card for her.  It’s been awhile since I did anything crafty, so here is a little something I made.  I’m making more…who’s b-day is next?  I made the letters myself by using paper clips and clear gel tacky glue. All I did was buy a sheet of alpha letters and shaped the paper clip to a circle and applied the glue.  Let it dry for a day and ta da!  You’ve got some cool looking gel letters. I also printed some letters from MS Word on vellum.    Mucho cheap this way!

mom’s secret hideaway

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The picture on my header was taken about 2 years ago from my first casio digital camera, which was only a 2.0 megapixal.  I loved carrying that small compact camera, I took it everywhere with me.  It was tiny enough to fit in my back pocket, but the quality of pics were not that great .  I used to lug around a Pentax P-Z-10 35mm camera and that camera was fun taking shots with, but I’ve gotten so spoiled with digital, I want to see the pictures instantly.  Well, back to my story about the photo above.  It’s a photo of one special woman, “my mom!” This is one of her favorite past times, actually if she could, she would eat, sleep, drink and surf fish on this beach, day and night.  I often became angry with her because she spent so much time on this beach at Pt. Mugu along the Pacific Coast Highway 1.  She invited me one evening, and I detested the thought of hooking up a slimy bait and having my fingers smell of pure fish funk.  I went along for the ride, and I soon realized why this was her passion.  The sun was about to set and with each wave you would get an ocean mist and breeze brush upon your face.  The smell of the ocean felt like a new scent each time the waves crashed.  And each wave you would cast your line in hopes that something, a least something would bite.  I didn’t catch anything that night, nor did mom, but the real reason why I joined in on her adventure was to just…. stand by my mom on her favorite beach.  

I sure miss my mom and dad,  sigh…. for they live a gazillion miles away.  Here are some photos of the area around Pt. Mugu. 

inspired to create

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I’ve been on the computer for quite some time now.  My neck is getting really stiff, but Im in awe of how many crafty people there are.  It is so inspiring to read and visualize the artistic gifts people have.  Im so eager to start something.  I’ll start fresh tommorrow.  Thanks creative peeps, for inspiring me to CREATE! 

my cute bambina, huh?

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 Tiesa at five months old. Ready to go shopping on another cold day in TN. Thank you Joie for picking Tiesa’s pretty sweater.


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There has been alot of things that have been going on these days, that I often wonder how the heck do I get things done.  Im always amazed by how one cup coffee helps me function and pretty much survive multitasking around the home.  Thanks PEETS coffee…I wuv it!!!   In one day I accomplished cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, the house.  Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, made the beds, pulled the weeds in the front yard, sprayed some weed killer, put 3 bags of cedar wood chips in my flower beds.  Picked up any trash and whatever mess Orion made in the back yard and played with Tiesa, put Tiesa down for her naps, cook dinner, do homework with Orion and give him hugs and kisses.  Said hello to the hubby when he got home from work and said, Honey can you take out the trash, Im tired! 

I had to drink another pot of coffee…oops… i meant cup of coffee….just to speak!

new vocab

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You say “Eu”

I say “good”

you say “daimon”

 i say spirit,

what does that spell “Eudaimon”

Ok, enough with the cheer, its corny, but really i learned a most wonderful word Eudaimon, being Eudaimonic means to live in good spirit, and to strive towards excellence.  Ah…don’t you just love new vocab. words.  EUDAIMON